It doesn't sound like Huawei will have any more surprises left her pocket ahead of tomorrow's Mate 30 release case. Yesterday, leaked renders of the full telephone range, real-life photos have now appeared on Weibo (above), and it appears that information for the full line-up of the event have discovered their way into the government eye. As Android Headlines disclosed, Huawei seems to be getting prepared to announce the Watch GT 2 smartwatch, a fresh fitness group, a TV, and the MediaPad M6 Android tablet's global launch.

The Huawei Watch GT 2 will be available in four color styles and two sizes, according to Android Headlines: 42 mm with a 1.2-inch AMOLED screen, and 46 mm with an AMOLED 1.39-inch display. It seems the smaller version doesn't come with a microphone, which doesn't suggest any LTE either— maybe it's meant to be a more entry-level device?

There seems to be a fresh fitness tracker on the cards, though information leaked here are scarce. The Band 3 Pro and standard Watch GT were presented last year's Huawei show, so it's probable to be an upgrade on that.

There's also a new TV on the agenda, though Android Headlines hasn't discovered much either on this item. It does seem to imitate the Honor Vision TV's Pro variant, though, so it might well come with a pop-up camera, plus it seems to include a fresh sound bar, so we might expect enhanced graphics.

Finally, tablets appear to be on display at the case. Huawei disclosed a limited availability of the MediaPad M6 in June, so it seems probable that the incident will see the announcement of wider worldwide accessibility.

Of course, leakage before an event is not uncommon for products, but it is uncommon for a whole product line up to fall ahead of moment. If this data is right, all Huawei will have to announce is the specs, expenses, and start-up dates— at least that will leave plenty of moment for inquiries about their continuing difficulties with the US.