HP revealed its updated Chromebooks x360, featuring a 360-degree character, 4 GB of memory, and 32 GB of storage. More notable, however, is the compatibility of the Chromebooks with the standard of the Universal Stylus Initiative. USI 1.0 enables stylus compatibility across any touchscreen device that has the technology integrated, meaning you can use the same stylus for your smartphone, tablet and touchscreen computer.

There are more benefits to USI-enabled styles than cross-compatibility. User preferences are saved in the style itself, so you can automatically transfer color choices and ink styles from one device to another. Multiple users can simultaneously write or draw on a device, making tablets and computers compatible with USI ideal for collaboration (or perhaps even multiplayer games). Moreover, the USI says the partner.

As for what HP announces, CNET reports that this week the new x360 Chromebooks will be available in 12-inchand14-inch models, priced respectively at $359 and $379. While the difference in price is negligible, there are differences that can lead you in either direction.

The smaller model has a 620 chip from Intel UHD Graphics and 12 hours battery life while the larger one has a 600 chip from Intel UHD Graphics and 10 hours battery life. Both have the same dual-core N4000 CPU Intel Celeron, USB A and C ports and a magnetic stylus dock. The $70 USI Pen stylus is not going to launch next to the Chromebooks, though— it will not be out until November.

We will probably see more devices enabled by USI shipping in the near future. Major partners such as Google and Intel are currently working on USI products, but HP's USI Pen is the only major one scheduled to hit shelves. Without a doubt, a single-stylus solution sounds much more attractive than carrying around one per device, so hopefully more products will be released soon.