A double screen gaming laptop sounds like an intelligent thought - who doesn't want another display to keep an eye on Twitch streams and Discord chats? However is it worth gambling on unproven tech? That's what consumers will wonder as they check out HP's Omen X 2S, the first laptop with two screens. It certainly looks attractive at first, but obviously HP still has work left to do to make the extra screen worth it.


  • Second display is helpful for fundamental multi-tasking
  • Strong hardware
  • G-SYNC 144Hz screen is beautiful to look at
  • Sophisticated layout


  • Second display might be bigger
  • HP’s double screen software is still quite unproven
  • Heavier than other modern laptops


HP's Omen X 2S is a proud effort to introduce a secondary laptop screen. However, in comparison to what we see, the display is too small to be very helpful. Regardless, this is a strong laptop that's going to manage everything you throw at it, and has a quick 144Hz (or 240Hz) screen.

The Omen X 2S is equipped with a 6" touch screen above the keyboard. The strange thing is, that the Omen X 2S appears to have a decent secondary display. Right below the primary 15.6" display there is a big glass panel, as if HP planned to include a much broader display, but still had kinks to work out. Plus, Razer pushed it into its first Blade notebook in 2011. It is not the first laptop to have a second screen.

It's essentially just another screen in Windows (but smaller), so you can zip anything from your primary screen. It's perfect for throwing up a Youtube video or watching a group conversation while you're working. You can rapidly transfer files between screens with a key above the touchpad, and also transform the bigger one into a small number pad. Apart from a basic touchscreen calculator, there are no built-in applications such as ASUS's ScreenPad, but it's much simpler to use.

The small Omen X 2S display was more helpful than most laptops for fundamental multi-tasks. I enjoyed watching a Twitch stream in the background, while I worked on the main screen. When you're playing a match, you can communicate with the tiny touchscreen, but only with the window mode. The computer shuts off the touch buttons when you go full screen.

There is not much significant (particularly if your mobile can do most of the same things) for the tiny display of Omen X 2s. You can't move across screens readily, of course, but it's a stronger interface for Twitch, Youtube, and Discord channels. And you can just as readily collect a tablet if you feel upset when you have a narrower mobile screen for multi-tasking. In fact, this would actually be a much more intelligent investment.