Facebook is great for many things, however their advertising has changed dramatically recently, and ads don't reach as far and wide as they once did. Facebook ads are also useful, but they're just a short term enhancement that won't work as well as expected if other factors are not in place.

The other important factors are a website and other SEO tools you are using as well, as Facebook alone won't bring in the customers. If your website ranks low in searches, it's going to be hard to find your business. In that case, you would be relying totally on the ads to bring in interest, and even then, there are other factors at play, such as the people you market through the ads.

Its all very complicated, but our advice would be:

  • Do some analyses of your website, your keywords, who you're marketing to, and what shape your website is in, regarding search results. This is important as you'll need traffic coming in from lots of other sources too.
  • Run a website traffic campaign on Facebook.
  • Showcase your products' pictures with short descriptions, along with your website URL, and increase the post.
  • Buy space from your local or global groups, depending on your product segment. Some active groups sell cover space.
  • Lastly, have an intriguing cover picture and video. Facebook covers are quite promising.
The life of an online entrepreneur.

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An even better idea may be to promote one or two specific products, and advertise those. Be specific about what a purchase entails, should a customer buy that product. Lastly, don't rely on Facebook Ads only, as they can be expensive. Whilst they give you a boost every now and again, the benefits are short-lived and must be a small part of many other factors you should consider to promote your website.