Here are some useful ways to make your office neater:

1.Be creative with storage ideas

Use vertical space for storage. Installing shelves on the walls, and putting frequently used files in places that are easily accessible are great ways to save space and declutter the office of a small business.

2. Sort mail quickly

Set a specific time aside to sort all the mail. Don't forget to recycle junk mail and used envelopes. For businesses that recieve a high-level of correspondence, this should be a weekly practice.

3. Organize desks

Keep all desks in the workplace as clear as possible, as a cluttered desk can contribute to increased stress levels. If certain documents are needed at all moments, to maintain records close at hand, then consider using a pin board to store them off of the table. Maintain an utter minimum of all other products. It might be a good idea to implement an end-of-day decluttering routine for every desk, so they are ready for the next day.

4. Re-evaluate item usefulness

Re-evaluate the usefulness of every single workplace item. Are there objects that take up too much space while rarely being used? Make sure that everything has a objective and is really helpful.

5. Eliminate the use of sticky notes

For a truly decluttered and organized workspace, dispose of sticky notes! They may help with short term ideas to some extent, but overall, sticky notes should be discouraged as much as possible as they add unnecessary visual noise to even the most orderly of office spaces.