The day Twitter was launched, businessmen and women saw a golden opportunity to market their products and services. For some, social media marketing through this venue has been highly successful. For others, little, if any sales increases have been realized. So what are each of these groups doing differently? It just may be their strategy and approach.

There is a fine line between how many tweets are sufficient. How many are too few? How many are too many? If you update infrequently, you may not be phased. However, Tweeting too oftenmay render you a spammer, and there's a potential to lose followers at a rapid rate. The best way to settle somewhere in the center is to use Twitter for marketing purposes. This subject is discussed in detail in the "Beginner's Guide to Twitter Marketing".

What your tweets say is also extremely important. More than anything else, your followers will want to read something of value. Helpful articles and information are a great option, as are coupon codes and links to products that are on sale. When you include helpful information in with your standard sales-driven tweets, you will often achieve a higher level of success.

Posting great tweets will only take you so far if time is not taken to interact with your followers. People want to know that they are heard, and should their questions or comments be ignored, chances are the "unfollow" button will be used. Interacting does not need to be time-consuming. Just a few minutes each day spent responding to questions and comments should suffice.

If you are in need of more followers, take the time to place a link to your Twitter account on your website. You should also include of  small blurb stating why people should follow you. For example, if you will be offering special discounts to your Twitter followers, tell them so. Solely placing a link will not do much, unless you receive massive amounts of traffic. Obviously, if you are already receiving massive amounts of traffic, Twitter may only be an afterthought for you.

Indeed, Twitter can be used in both a right and wrong way for marketing purposes. Getting the most out of this social media giant will require that you follow just a few basic guidelines mentioned here, and that you are consistent with your approach. Though there are sure to be new trends and marketing methods used for Twitter in the future, these basic common sense approaches will not change.