To have a work or play balance in life, it is sometimes necessary to get out of the office and take a vacation. In your work environment, this implies that speech messages and emails must be changed to represent the position of the office status. It is important that a professional voice message and out-of-office email auto-reply be made in order to warn customers and colleagues that you're taking a break from the business.

More importantly, data on how to reply to messages afterwards, needs to be provided. To turn away clients without providing additional information can make situations extremely difficult. Whether you are in sales, service or even product development, these are standard required business practices. All client calls are essential and must be handled professionally.

Email Contents

Customers and peers who attempt to interact via e-mail with you should keep to the content of the e-mail notification that greets callers. Check the File tab first and press the icon for Automatic Replies if you use Outlook 2010 and are linked by a Microsoft Exchange server.

This starts the process of creating a provisional email, which is forwarded to everyone who has sent an email while out of business. The automatic response is sent because this provisional message has been activated.

If you are not linked to a Microsoft Exchange server, the process is slightly different because there is no “Automatic Replies” icon on these types of email accounts.  Either way, a step-by-step list of instructions for creating this email can be viewed on Microsoft Office's website.

The next stage is to create the content of the email that will be sent to all who contact you while you are away from the office. This email should convey how long you will be out-of-office, how you can be reached in your absence (if necessary), and who will contact you in the company if you don't want to be reached from the office while you are away.