Social networking for business is fun. You can share real-life stories, events, product benefits, user reviews, and so on.

So, what methods do you use to promote your business online, fast and free?

There are a number of components to successfully market a small business online - and for little outlay. Small businesses often overlook their brand personality and character. Brand personality is one of the tools used to determine which marketing tactics are most likely to be successful.

The marketing strategies you employ should reflect your small business personality, niche, and culture. What might suit a small business in fashion will look very different for a small business in car mechanics and maintenance.

So to answer the question, a small business must first determine what the brand personality and culture actually are. We use social media to attract audiences to our clients in the early stages of business development. We select the social media platform that we think best represents the brand identity and personality.

We also look at engaging parallel and complementary businesses online. For example, we look at opportunities for hiring a car company to collaborate with a hair salon. These are non-competitive but mutually beneficial relationships that allow marketing across targeted channels.

By following these collaborations, we're also able to remove some of the marketing costs. We use email marketing as a standard, no matter how small our list and we look at ways to reuse content for multiple platforms.

Our articles become videos, our videos become slide shares, and our slide shares become info-graphics. This extends the number of suitable places we can market our brand, for little to no cost.