While businesses contemplating building an internet society need to be evident
about what they expect to accomplish in terms of the best business outcome, if you want to create a productive society, which will grow officially and quickly, it is essential that real people have a powerful and active society objective. This will make up an effective community.

In order to create a prosperous internet society, it must be:

  • A powerful user: Objective and a fully convincing community
  • Communications instruments :Which render connectivity simple and a link
    supporting user interface. People can communicate or contact with each other easier and more convenient. They will make up an online society anywhere and whenever people need to contact  immediately
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  • Content or  Events: That retract customers and offer them the chance to mix. This issue is also indispensable in today's society. An important event or content that attracts customers at the first sight, which will help businesses score points very quickly for customers or important partners . This will maintain and expand great relationships for businesses as well as society
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  • History or background: Generates an emotional link between people together. Having a good foundation will create a reputable community
  • Identity, Status and Reputation - It is able to be easier to create and display who is a member in a reputable community
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  • Special groups or levels: For members of different status. It means that in the community there will be many different and diverse group sets. To distinguish this problem, there must be a clear boundary and principle to divide the groups and identify the level and status of each group.
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  • Trust : This must be incorporated into the location framework and into the
    relationships between business and  employees. Trust is always  put the top in anywhere as well as in the growing society.