You can also score its 3a XL counterpart for $429. Google's Pixel 4 is right around the corner, but its affordable Pixel 3a and 3a XL counterparts could be the best sales.

For the first time, Amazon discounted all phones, taking $50 off the cost of charging $349 for the 64 GB Pixel 3a and $429 for its bigger 3a XL twin.

If you're searching for an authentic Google phone without the frills, this will make these prices much sweeter when the Pixel 4 is likely to cost much more.

While Google is careful to maintain the best features of the standard Pixel 3, you are making some sacrifices.

Credit: The Verge

All 3a models have the iconic AI-assisted camera technology contributing to top-notch images, and with a headphone jack and longer battery life they also build on the recipe.

You often give up some efficiency, quality of the screen and resistance to water. If you can embrace those trade-offs and don't think you're going to die from the guilt of the customer when the Pixel 4 arrives, you're going to be happy with a good chance.