One of the other worst secrets of Google was officially official. The Nest Mini, a long awaited Home Mini upgrade that promises more customization than you may have expected from leaks, has been revealed by Google.

Source: Google Nest

A wall mount is accessible (better to keep the kids out of reach), but that is just the end. The intelligent speaker is tuned to produce a much more complete sound, including a two-time bass. Four microphones can also be required instead of two, which increases the chances that the mini can hear you correctly.

Credit: Engadget
Credit: The Verge
Credit: The Verge

Many comfort updates are also present under the hood. An assistant query can be answered quicker by a faster processor. In the meantime, infrared allows the Mini to make the voices audible as you near by and light up volume controls. The speaker is still more environmentally friendly, with a plastic bottle top and a plastic recycled body of 35 percent.

On October 22nd the Nest Mini will have the same $49 as its ancestor available in black (Charcoal), White (Chalk), Pink (Coral) and New Blue Shadow (Sky). This doesn't deal with every fuck on Home Mini-no 3.5 mm jack yet, and tricks such as the new Echo Dot alarm clock will not be included. However, this may be a welcome upgrade if you just wanted Google to improve basics such as acoustic quality and response.