The app invites people to post video answers to common internet questions. Following the development of the Cameos app, Google makes it easier for the public to interact with their audience. The software was launched last year for iOS, but it is now now available on Android as reported by 9to5Google.

Cameo is built for stars to address "in their own fashion" questions. Prominent people are encouraged to make their own video recordings and answer popular Internet queries, which are then featured in Google's search results. Golden State Warriors player Kevin Durant and model Karlie Kloss were among the stars who have used this product to date.

Cameos is an expansion of Google posts that lets people who have been tested add search results information, such as updates or details on upcoming concerts from prominent musicians to the Google Knowledge Panel on the top of the search pages.

It's also a joke about the famous Instagram Q&A style, in which followers could ask Instagram users questions in a post. Anyone can install from the Play Store the Android Google Cameos software, but consumers should apply for permission through the filling out of a form for the program.