Apple's choice of photo format is too efficient, apparently. Google is about to patch images to allow iPhone users to drive free of charge.

The company told Android Police in a statement that it plans to patch a "error" in Google Photos to store iOS photos without relying on the use of Google Drive, thereby removing the need to charge for space when your free 15 GB eventually runs out.

Because the Apple HEIC file format is more effective than Google's reduced JPEG files in the format of "high-quality," the originals will be taken by Google Photos. This will actually waste time and space to process HEIC pictures.

For Samsung devices you can duplicate this behavior, but HEIC (aka HEIF) is not the default format.

While it's not obvious if Google plans to deal with that, iOS devices would likely not be pleased by the approach.

Google would test its own tools more and reduce the quality of the images it used to use unchanged when Google requested a free consumer transfer to JPEGs.

In essence, the only way that iOS and Android users are equivalent would be to damage their feature.