For a while now, transferring music between different devices in Google Home and Nest has been a convoluted process, but Google is now making it easier to do that. The company is adding a new feature called stream switch that allows you to ask

Assistant to move music and podcasts between various devices such as Chromecast, Google Home and Nest. The organization gives an example, "Hey Google, switch the music to the speaker in the living room."

The functionality is also available via the Google Home app, enabling you to transfer audio across the casting interface of the app to a variety of different phones. You can also use the app to transfer YouTube videos between those phones if you own one of Nest's smart displays and a Chromecast powered TV.

Eventually, stream conversion allows several speakers to be grouped into a single group. Then you can switch between a single device and a community of speakers music or podcasts.

Stream transfers are compatible with YouTube Music, Spotify and Pandora as well as a variety of other audio apps when it comes to music. YouTube is the only device to allow running images when it is launched.

We contacted the company to see if we could get a complete list of available music apps, so stay tuned. Notably, one drawback of the feature seems to be that it doesn't function with smart speakers allowed by third-party assistants like the Sonos One.

Thankfully, smart speakers like Sonos sells have had their own take on stream transition for a while now; in fact, when it comes to this type of feature, Google is a little late for the party. But it's better late than ever. Google says streaming is starting to roll out today.