Google would like to remind you that now that we're starting the holiday buying season this year, the Shopping app remains.

The redesigned shopping experience amazon launched earlier this year is now live across mobile and desktop phones in the US, and some of its new features were illustrated by a new post on its website.

One of the features Google launched after the initial rollout of Shopping is price monitoring, and you will only have to turn to Track Price" on a product page to get a phone update when price changes happen. You will also have the option to receive these updates by email in the coming weeks.

Google Images now also informs you if an item you are searching for is either available from a particular store or out of storage.

However, the brand dresses up the standard cart of Shopping in a more fun garb, making it easier to see if you can buy a product directly from the company.

You may want to try out Google Lens first if you're shopping for fall clothes before presents. Today in the US, the Lens team also added a new feature for "design concepts."

Then when you see a trendy dress with a complex pattern or a ribbon blouse that might look hard to wear, you can simply open Lens, point your camera at it, and look at pictures of people modeling for inspiration similar items.