"Smart Screenshots" would use Lens to find out what you've captured.

Google may be about to match up two portable screen-related characteristics, "Edit & Share screenshots" and "What's on my screen," according to some APK digging by Google 9 to 5.

Credit: Engadget

A fresh function called "Smart Screenshots" in the recent edition of the Google 10.61 app, when you take a screenshot, takes up an improved toolbar. As before, you get editing, sharing, and the option to send the shot with your favorite app, but with the latest version there is a new option: Lens.

You can search, do optical pattern identification (OCR) or visually discover comparable objects by choosing Lens. The present editing instruments that are annotated, cropped and shared will probably stay as they are.

Whether the fresh Lens feature will work for all screenshots or only those made in Google Search is not yet evident. It seems probable, however, that it will eventually become a substitute for display search, much the same as Lens has taken over from other features of Google Assistant.