The shift between Docs, Sheets and Slides won't be so jarring. Google makes it easier to use the phone to juggle the productivity apps.

The internet giant has launched updated versions of Android Docs, Sheets and Slides with a new visual design that does not incorporate any big features, which should provide a more comfortable and simpler experience.  

We all have more precise commands, typefaces that are easier to read and pages of reworked files. You're not going to have such a startling transition when you move from writing a document to delivering a speech.

The updates to Docs and Slides should already be seen, while the Sheets upgrade is beginning to roll out. Is this going to encourage you to do more phone work?

Perhaps not, but if you're away from your computer, it could relieve some of the stresses that come with tweaking papers. These also offer a seamless feel to G Suite applications which battles competitors such as Microsoft.