Google has just released pixels 4 and 4 XL, and it has a lot to explain. In addition to announcing an eye detection correction for Face Unlock, the company today also had to say that the Smooth Display function of a phone does not comply with expectations. A fascinating feature of the new flagships is that their screens run at an average speed of 90 Hz, so that animations, website scrolls or compatible games look more smooth.

You would have to move into developing mode and set the "Force 90 Hz refresh rate" if you want to make it all refreshed on your screen faster. But since it was considered one of the highlights of the telephone it was always expected to work.

This doesn't happen. If "Force 90 Hz" is not activated, you don't always run your screen at this stage. A Google speaker said to Engadget that it sets the refresh rate at 60 Hz under certain conditions to "preserve battery when higher refresh rates do not matter."

According to the author, "such scenarios include when the consumer flips on the saver of batteries, other contents like the clip (as the shot is mostly 24 or 30 fps) and even specific luminosity and atmospheric circumstances." Google reduces the frequency to sixty Hz when the display drops under 75 percent brightness, according to the software reviewed by XDA Developers and an aegle-eyed Android programmer.

Google isn't the only one to switch refreshments to be sure. The OnePlus 7 T is also supplied with a screen 90 Hz, but the flagship also adapts its refresh rate to what you are looking at. As a OnePlus Speaker told Engadget. The OnePlus 7 T will work at 60 Hz if it shows static content. When you scroll and look at compatible material, you will go up to 90 Hz. Unlike Google, however, OnePlus does not tweak the speed of the screen as your environment is bright.

When you don't want the light of your surroundings to affect the refresh speed of your Pixel 4, securely hang. In the meantime, if you really want to keep that high rate of refresh all of the time, enable "Force 90 Hz" at your own risk! Google said it has a "earlier scheduled updates that we will be implementing in the coming weeks which allow 90Hz in brighter conditions." Remember that the already dishonest battery life of your Pixel 4 would probably drop further.