Earlier this month, Google launched Chrome 77 across various devices, presenting a better way to ship web pages from one machine to another. Now, another update to the browser has been announced by the business, adding in fresh features for tab leadership and theme.

The updates include a grid layout for tabs that displays a preview of each page, which should render finding what you are looking for simpler. There is also a fresh opportunity to organize tabs to assist maintain tabs structured by pulling and placing one tab on top of another in the grid layout.

And if you're one of those people who always have hundreds of tabs open in your browser, another new update will show you each tab's title when you hover over it.

Previously, using the customize menu, you could use the Chrome design. You can access theme from the Web Store from there, or alter the background image when you enter a fresh tab.

Now, there are fresh shortcut choices that allow you to edit the favourite website icons that appear on a fresh tab page, as well as color and theme that allow you to choose your own layout design choices.

At least, one of Chrome's useful features is the immediate responses that appear when you type in a request in the address bar. This feature is now accessible on both the desktop and Android to provide you with quicker responses to issues from local climate translations.