One of the primary selling points of the Xbox One was voice control when it started alongside it, supplied via an upgraded Kinect device. However, Kinect was rapidly phased out and ultimately served as a substitute for Alexa and Cortana speech controls. Now, customers of Google Assistant can also scream at their Xbox One, thanks to today's software update.

It's easy to use Google Assistant to manage an Xbox One: just say, "Hey Google, switch on Xbox" to a Google Assistant device or your mobile and you'll hear the speed up of your computer. If you have various Xboxes in your house, you can also rename your console. You could, for instance, indicate one Xbox in your bedroom and say, "Hey Google, switch on the Xbox cabinet."

Google Assistant's Xbox Action is presently restricted to English as it is in a beta testing phase. Google and Microsoft are working together before the complete release of the service this autumn to grow linguistic assistance. Current beta tester features include switching on or off the console, starting matches and applications, stopping and resuming, volume adjustment and screenshots.

The beta program can be joined by all Google Assistant and Xbox One customers. Just sign in to your accounts and add your Xbox as a system that will be listed under"[ beta] Xbox." Kinect wasn't a large vendor, but the movement tracking device's speech checks were helpful.

Having comparable features with a intelligent speaker or mobile is a handy (and free) option, so the stronger the more compliant virtual assistants. It seems unlikely that on the Xbox, however, Siri will join Alexa, Assistant, and Cortana.