The S Pen is shining, but the keyboard cover and desktop software of the tablet still need job. While the remainder of the sector may have given up producing premium phones for Android, Samsung is still not quitting.

It still thinks that Google's software has the ability to energy superthin and light 2-in-1s, and so a fresh version of its hybrid tablet has lately been released. The Galaxy Tab S6 is a 10.5-inch tool intended to accomplish job on the go for individuals.

Credit: Digital trends

It comes with an upgraded S Pen featuring so-called Air Gestures for remote control of your applications; improved handwriting recognition to type your notes; and a redesigned (sold individually) keyboard cover.

Credit: Digital trends

You can predict a lovely screen, lengthy battery life and competent output, as with earlier Samsung tablets. However, what really stands out about the Tab S6 is the S Pen included in the cost of $649. The stylus makes the phone a very nice digital notepad, but Samsung argues that the Tab S6 is still not quite the "laptop with tablet functionality."


  • Long-lasting battery
  • S Pen and Samsung Notes are helpful
  • Crisp and colorful screen
  • Keyboard cover has trackpad
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  • Keyboard buttons still a quite small
  • DeX mode still feels unfinished
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The Galaxy Tab S6 is a strong, long-lasting Android phone that's great until you're trying to replace it as a laptop. Its Samsung-made keyboard cover and DeX desktop software require a ton of job before you can really multitask the scheme strongly.

Credit: The Verge

But if editing some papers and spreadsheets and answering messages and chats on the go are all you need, the Tab S6 is more than useful. The S Pen is also a really helpful instrument for those who like to jot down their random ideas and have a system that organizes them automatically.