You're loving your iPad. You're spending hours with it day to day. But do
you get out of it the maximum features? Perhaps not! Below are 5 iPad
features you probably didn't clearly know about and that's going to
revolutionize how you're using your favorite toy, i.e. working tool.

  • Use your iPad as a second display

A second screen is sometimes necessary. Fortunately, for that, there's an app (or
two or three). Both the iDisplay and the Air Display enable you to transform your
iPad into your computer's second monitor.

  • Swipe between applications

Do you still navigate through the home screen between applications? Stop doing
so. Go to your options instead and allow Multitasking Management. This allows
you to change applications by swiping four or five fingers left or right, and by
swiping four or five fingers up, you can display and pick between accessible
applications. Four or five fingers can also be pinched to return to the home screen.

  • Shake the typing to undo

You realize when you begin an email and then change your mind — is it not
uncomfortable to have letter by letter to delete the whole thing? The nice news is
you're not! Just shake your iPad to pull up a "Undo Typing" warning button in one

  • Search a web page for text message

You can use Safari to search for text on a web page. Type your search query in
the address bar and then from the drop-down menu add "On This Page."

  • Return with one touch to the top of a list

What will you do when you go into the end of a web page and then you need to go
back to the top? Scrolling, scrolling, and scrolling? There's a much easier route.
Tap the top of the display just above the address bar and go back to the bottom of
the website immediately.