Facebook's website has seen mixed responses, but the company is expanding into smart screen, and its video calling features have gained acclaim for TV hardware. The issue of privacy, though, is never far away, with the company falling under attack for getting outside agents listening in on voice commands.

Nonetheless, Facebook continues to try and convince people to get on the Portal bandwagon, bring the app to non-US countries and add news channels, recipes and gaming aid.

Workplace, Facebook's take on Slack, is the latest feature that comes to Portal. Workplace takes a different approach to chatting with businesses than most applications, with an interface that feels more like an app for social media than a work app.

This revealed upcoming workspace apps including a dashboard app at the company's Flow meeting. Through video chat, the Smart Camera of the Portal dynamically pans and zooms, making it perfect for video conferencing.

Workplace will also be given an option to dynamically insert live video captions to promote usability, and will be given a new peer-to-peer content solution to make video streaming more smooth.

Many new features of the workforce include the ability to send surveys, the ability for administrators to publish "learning content" such as best practice manuals, and an admins analytics system.