While Facebook is probably never going to be ad-free, the social network is at least attempting to create ads more fun— or more unpleasant, based on how you see it. The social network provides advertisers around the globe with more interactive ad styles, including video survey advertisements for the portable News Feed.

Have you ever found survey stickers in advertisements for Instagram Stories? Facebook's are very comparable, offering you video background choices to choose from.Used to encourage one of its priority TV shows, you might already have seen one.

Image: Mariella Moon

Facebook also makes its ad format accessible for play throughout the world. Playable advertisements are literally advertisements that use matches that you can play to drive downloads and facilities or achieve any other brand goal. Uber India used the system to invite individuals to the 2019 Cricket World Cup to play a match and gain journeys.

Lastly, the company's augmented reality advertisements, which it began testing in mid-2018, are also entering global open beta this autumn. Advertisers can use the format to offer prospective clients a way, like lipsticks or sunglasses, to nearly try their products on.

Image: Mariella Moon

Facebook claims individuals use face filters and stories-shared animation all the time across their primary channel, Instagram and WhatsApp. People are used to seeing and communicating with AR components, so advertisements with them may have a stronger opportunity of being found than those without them.