Wait for a lighter camera and handling energy supplied.  If you assumed the torrent of comprehensive leaks from Pixel 4 was over, you've got something else to come.

Vietnamese phone shop D Store Mobile has sent to The Verge nearly two dozen pictures of a pre-release Pixel 4 XL that seem to verify some of its earlier reported specs. Notably, with a lighter f/1.73 lens, the primary back camera will grab pictures (versus f/1.8 on the Pixel 3).

Credit: BRG

The specs of the telephoto camera are not available, but you can safely assume that low-light photos and some close-ups will be improved. Curiously, the camera system appears to be preferred in recording 16:9 pictures to complete the display instead of 4:3 pictures to create the most of the sensor.

Other specs shown in the pictures are anticipated but efficiency upgrades are welcome. The fast 90Hz OLED screen remains the highlight, but you'll also get a 6 GB RAM Snapdragon 855 processor, a 3,700mAh battery (on XL) and 128 GB UFS storage on at least one model.

It won't match the raw power of ASUS' ROG Phone II, then. Instead, Google appears concentrated on its touch-free gestures and its usual AI wizardry to inspire you.