Apple has scarcely published iOS 13, but just days later you might get another major overhaul.

The firm informed Engadget to move iPadOS and iOS 13.1 launches to September 24th, or approximately a week before the initially planned September 30th release.

While there is no mention of why Apple is speeding up the speed, it may be because of of the stabilization of the software.

Some iPhone 11 critics (including Engadget) observed buggy conduct in iOS 13.0, which could iron out the kinks before there was too much chance to complain.

In return, you'll get some new features. As you might understand, iPadOS is a significant shake-up that presents more iPad-specific characteristics like stronger multitasking and a home screen view of the widget.

The iOS 13.1 update primarily brings characteristics that did not create the 13.0 cut, including Maps ETA sharing, automated Siri Shortcut behavior, and business device information segregation.

This is definitely not a seamless release, but at least you shouldn't have to wait long to see fresh characteristics and an general smoother experience.