It will help Corning grow glass for the iPhone, Watch and iPad.

Source: Apple

Apple has announced it will invest $250 million in screen glass provider Corning, in addition to the $200 million it brought in in 2017. The cash will assist Corning create "Apple-specific" glass technology, including "state-of - the-art glass procedures, machinery and materials that are essential to delivering customer products of the next generation," Apple stated.

This involves fresh iPhone, Watch and iPad glass kinds. The cash will come from the Advanced Manufacturing Fund of Apple to promote employment and the growth of technology in the United States.

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The firm has been tightly stuck with Corning as its primary provider of glass since dabbling in sapphire for iPhones and Watches a few years earlier. The announcement is timely for Apple, which has fostered the toughness of its recent iPhone 11 Pro lineup with advertisements like the one below. Apple showed.

"The newest iPhone models feature the toughest glass ever in a smartphone, as well as a back machined from a single piece of glass that allows for wireless charging."

Apple states that it has invested nearly $3 billion with Corning on iPhone, Watch and iPad Glass since the iPhone was introduced in 2007. The investment also promotes 1,000 specific Corning employment for the company of Apple.

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Apple notes that it spent the entire $1 billion initial investment from the Advanced Manufacturing Fund, tapping 20 percent of the $5 billion that it committed to spend afterwards. The other big part of that went to Finisar, the Texas-based company for selfies behind Apple's Face ID, Animoji and Portrait mode.