Now that the phone and living room phones of Apple support console game controllers, the company is doing something that just a few years ago would have been impossible— selling the Xbox Wireless Controller through its online store.

Spend $60 and you can enjoy supporting games on your Apple TV, iPad or iPhone using Microsoft's official gamepad. While Apple is surely no stranger to selling Microsoft products (Office has been available for years), it is still a bizarre sight when the company stores Apple TV as a pseudo-competitor to Xbox One.

Curiously, there is nowhere to find Sony's similarly compliant DualShock 4 in Apple's catalog. That doesn't mean it Apple plays games (it might be a matter of making a purchase deal), but if you'd rather have a PS4 controller in your pocket, you'll have to go elsewhere.

Not that either this is necessarily an issue. Apple's increased gamepad availability is useful in part because you don't have to look far for suitable devices— if you don't already have what you need, you could pick up a gamepad in many local stores.