Sign in with the option of Apple to mask your real email address might sound clever, but one designer of the software says that their code is just riffing. Blue Mail maker Blix sued Apple in its software for allegedly breaching a 2017 patent on the feature "Share Email."

The company claims that a special email address created by Apple for sign-in copies the ability of Blue Mail to display a public messaging email address while shielding the actual address.

Blix earlier threatened Apple with abussing Blue Mail unfairly. It reported that Apple's recognised difficulties with the ratings of the App Store dropped Blue Mail down to 143rd in search results (it's up to 13th).

Credit: Engadget

It also challenged Apple's claim that for allegedly copying another program, TypeApp, this pulled Blue Mail from the Mac App Store. The designer said TypeApp was willingly excluded and that by limiting the number of rival applications, Apple was encouraging industry monopolization.

Knowing who will triumph is too early. Nevertheless, if Blix continues, Apple will face both an injunction and litigation of damage. It would not actually have to switch Sign in with Apple, but it may have to make up for Blix to keep using the concept of privacy.