In its fresh update, Google is getting a lot right, but the greatest is yet to arrive. Google did the unthinkable to promote the next large version of Android: it murdered its fanciful dessert-release names and brought more standard branding to its smartphone OS. Say hello to Android 10.

Not everyone loves the change,  it means that for review video, couldn't devour a whole dessert, but it's all about a fairly drastic shift in Google's priorities.

Samsung Galaxy
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It's a grab bag of interface tweaks on the ground, improvements in usability, shifts in privacy, and more. Google even uses this version to play catch-up with the contest in some respects. More generally, though, Android 10 looks like a temporary government, Google's effort to lay the groundwork for a fast-paced smartphone future for us all.

Engadget Score


  • Dark mode looks great
  • 5G and foldable support are crucial
  • Project Mainline speeds up crucial updates
  • More obvious privacy controls are helpful
  • Better for managing notifications
Android Phone
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  • It’ll probably be a while before you get it
  • Some gestures need more polish
  • Project Mainline isn’t enabled for everyone


Android 10 is not that great, but it builds on a powerful base with useful characteristics such as dark mode, enhanced gesture navigation, more nuanced message checks, and stronger privacy equipment.

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It won't completely reshape the way you're using Android, yet this transitional update is all about paving the way for tomorrowby re-engineering some key software updates and adding support for foldable devices and 5G.