It is claimed that Google rules allow them to be hidden away. Are you fond of your Android phone's custom navigation gestures? In the future, you might have to dig for them.

The group of 9to5Google claims it has acquired the newest smartphone manufacturers agreement on Google Mobile Services, and the terms supposedly allow devices to ship using either the modern gestures of Android 10 or the existing three-button style.

Credit: Engadget

Third-party gestures that remain, but they must be concealed in the Settings app at least one level below. Not only can vendors not allow their own movements by default, they can not even be promoted through the setup process or through a notification.

Organizations wanting to keep the interface motions in Android Pie can do this for upgrades to existing devices, but new devices do not seem to have the fallback. We asked for a comment from Google. If this is right, it puts in a tough position many Android hardware developers.

Brands such as Huawei, OnePlus and others also market as stand-out features their unique gestures. Such customizations would be completely negated by the new policy.

That could provide a more seamless user experience between phones, but in Android devices it could also decrease the variation and give you less reason to pick one phone over another.