You would be thanked for not understanding that Amazon purchased the Eero mesh networking system previously this year; routers by design are less than interesting, and the possibility of the deal was less interesting than the issues it created for current staff. However, Amazon was eager to move on, so today at its press conference in Seattle it announced a fresh version of those Eero routers.

Not familiar with networks of Wi-Fi mesh? Long story brief, instead of using one router that might strive to achieve every corner, mesh networks depend on various nodes peppered around your house to provide greater, more coherent WiFi coverage.

These new models seem noticeably larger than the originals of Eero, but they retain the kind of rounded charm that the startup had previously embraced. In any event, after less than ten minutes of installation, these nodes operate together to deliver dual-band WiFi, although it is uncertain whether these fresh designs deliver stronger efficiency than what current Eero clients could be used to. Still, Amazon makes a powerful case for a more efficient type of home networking at $99 for a single Eero node and $249 for three.

And since we're speaking about this Amazon item, it should come as no wonder that these items are packed with complete assistance from Alexa. You can request the virtual assistant of Amazon to, say, switch on a distinct WiFi customer network, or "stop" WiFi on particular systems such as phones or game controllers. (Exactly how this type of granular control jibs with Amazon's commitments of dead-simple configuration remains to be seen.) To be evident, however, you will not need to spend in Amazon's WiFi scheme to take advantage of those speech checks— the firm also stated that it is making the API accessible to third-party networking suppliers, such as ASUS and TP-Link, to incorporate Alexa assistance into their routers.

Interest piqued? The fresh Eero scheme is accessible today in the US and this November will be launched in Europe.