Amazon is writing legislation to control the technology of facial recognition, claims Vox. The firm is supposed to expect federal lawmakers to embrace its suggestion as a law. "Our government strategy team is truly working on legislation for facial recognition; regulating that makes a ton of sense," CEO Jeff Bezos said in an interview after yesterday's Amazon hardware case.

In February, Amazon shared "proposed guidelines" for policymakers to consider accountable use of facial recognition when writing fresh legislation. But writing the legislation effectively goes one step further.

Amazon has been criticized for its own scheme of "recognition," showing a gender and ethnicity bias. Lawmakers and tech firms, including Amazon and Microsoft, have been calling for regulation of facial identification. Some towns have prohibited the tech, and personal firms like Axon claim they're not going to use face identification until it's better. Bezos reportedly said Wednesday

"It's a perfect example of something that has really positive uses, so you don't want to put the brakes on it. But, at the same time, there's also potential for abuses of that kind of technology, so you do want regulations. It's a classic dual-use kind of technology."

As lawmakers are calling for more Big Tech legislation, we may see more firms trying to write the laws. That makes sense to some extent because they understand the subjects better than anyone else. You might claim, on the other side, that Big Tech can control itself.