The Breezometer tool offers street-level air quality data. Wildfires are becoming bigger and more frequent than ever and can have a lasting effect on the quality of the atmosphere.

Breezometer, a free software that provides information on air quality in real time, announced it will offer fire alerts to assist consumers determine whether they are in the manner of harm.

The fire alerts are based on NASA and local sources data and— in combination with the app's own algorithms— can determine the direction in which the smoke is moving and its effect on air quality.

Users living between 20 and 60 miles of a wildfire can get timely feedback on their advancement through the app. It has only lately been found that wildfire pollution travels lengthy distances.

California wildfires last year polluted air more than 100 miles away, resulting in a national health emergency. Due to cross-country winds, the wildfires of the state have even distributed to the East Coast. BreezoMeter CEO Ran Korber said:

"The current systems for measuring air pollution rely on outdated methods that are not comprehensive, causing unnecessary exposure to harmful pollution."

The BreezoMeter app also measures other variables, such as ozone and particulate matter as well as pollen, that affect air quality. You can use either the Android or iOS app or its Live Map to access its perspectives.