The next launch of Adobe's Photoshop will give users more control over the feature of Content-Aware Fill. If you've been using the tool, you know it allows you to delete objects from a photo, such as people, signs or tools.

Source: Adobe Photoshop

Then Photoshop generates pixels for blanks to fill in. Now, Photoshop will allow you to determine which pixels to fill the voids it uses. Today, Adobe published a sneak preview.

You will have three choices when it's time to make the sample size area: rectangular, auto, and custom. The rectangular alternative sets up a box around your selection and from that box takes pixels— this is how Content-Aware Fill now works.

The auto option scans the image in the next release and creates fill with pixels that match those around the object you erase immediately. The custom option allows you to select which pixels will be used by Photoshop.

We could expect more details on the Content-Aware Fill of Photoshop at Adobe MAX. The annual conference will start on November 4th. We will also keep our fingers crossed by Adobe bringing these controls to After Effects, which last year was given the Content-Aware Fill tool.