The Sensei-powered tasks make editing and organizing fast and easy. Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 2020 are now available with some new features allowed by AI. The streamlined versions of the flagship artistic software of the business help amateurs edit high-quality photos and videos, and they are simpler to use with the modern Sensei-powered tasks.

Photoshop and Premiere's full-featured models can be daunting, and the methods of achieving a desired outcome are rarely apparent. You really need to know what you're doing, in other words. The software's Elements models provide simple workflows to skip confusing menus and hotkeys, as well as a one-time option instead of the monthly subscription fee of Adobe Creative Cloud.

If there are skin defects in a subject in your image, a new Sensei feature will smooth out your complexion. A slider bar helps you to monitor how dramatic the effect looks, so you can stop seeing plastic-y shine in badly shopped pictures at times. It saves time to use devices such as the spot-healing brush that can be hit-or-miss.

Photoshop Elements 2020 will color photos automatically either by adding full color to black and white photographs or by changing color images with more natural tones. Once, it can take hours to paint colors manually and to mess around with switch modes. Sensei reduces to minutes the workflow.

The update also introduces two new directed edits, which are essentially tutorials for various effects. New Auto Creations that can be accessed from the home screen include Black & White Collection, Pattern Brush, Field Presets Painterly and Depth. Users in the United States can order prints, phone cases and other accessories from the Fujifilm Prints & Gifts program, directly from Photoshop Elements.

As for Premiere Elements 2020, one of the biggest problems with low-light smartphone shooting can be solved by a new tool; a quick drag-and-drop effect smoothes grainy and "noisy" image quality. Adobe's AI will also recognise and mark what's going on in your video.

For example, when you ingest your dog's footage running across the horizon as the sun sets, Premiere Elements would automatically add the metadata of the clip to the "dog" and "sunset" labels. It makes it much easier than digging through arbitrarily called files to find the video you're looking for. Premiere Elements 2020 also features five new Guided Editions to help accelerate things even more.

For $99.99 alone, or $149.99 when bought together, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 and Premiere Elements 2020 are now available.