Successful companies are always looking for present and future technological developments. Read  5 respects that technology transforms the offices today.

1.Flexible job habits

Studies indicate that when staff decide when, where, and how they operate, they are happier and more effective. Telecommuters and freelancers outside the site are becoming increasingly popular, and individuals are increasingly looking to be willing to operate wherever they choose, Technology is the fuel that allows the growth of these developments. Mobile phones, cloud, cooperative software, and other developments enable more flexibility outside the office room. (And also inside.)

2. A new concept of teamwork

Technology allows fresh methods for teams to communicate. The days of face-to-face conferences and impersonal conference calls have long gone by. Teams of today can operate remotely, asynchronously, and over broad distances. To create cooperation as seamless as necessary, they can use applications such as Slack for file sharing, real-time interaction, and communication leadership.

3. Productivity via automation

Technology enables many operating procedures and daily duties to be automated and streamlined. While these improvements definitely involve adjustments, general business efficiency is improved by automation. And on an personal level, automation can offer employees time to concentrate on other, more innovative and reflective parts of their careers.

Work-related applications can also assist staff make the most of their moment to do more at the personal basis. For some cases of "work span" applications, browse the latest list of 27 greatest applications for doing your job from Business Insider.

Check out some methods to motivate your staff using applications to manage efficiency and duration.

5. Technology-inspired spaces

Many businesses use technology in their office rooms in stimulating and creative ways. Knoll indicates that networks of technology can be used to comprehend employee preferences and promote staff social networking.

Furthermore, Forbes says that Cisco is working on a model that can automatically adjust its workspaces to personal workers' needs. While ideas like these might currently seem like something out of a sci-fi (science - fiction) film, they might just be the wave of the future.