With the development of co-working, technology firms have begun to develop software to assist co-working areas, enabling them to flourish. Five of the best co-working management apps are listed here:

1. Nexudus

Nexudus is a complete co-working space management system that that involves membership management, payments, activities, newsletters and much more (even printers!). The CRM (which it calls Member Relationships Management (MRM) assists you in monitoring connections and guides.

2. Optix

Optix is the first mobile software to run co-working. Optix characteristics include: handling of reservations, invoicing, messages between members and assistance. Prices begin on a monthly basis of $199.

3. Coworkify

Coworkify is a completely simple co-working management software. It involves all the basic instruments - reservation, invoicing, affiliation, sales and advertising - and does not overwhelm you. For $99, you can include up to 80 administrators,fewA and you can trial it free of charge for 30 days.


KUBE is a fresh (and highly-reviewed) room management coworking software (officially Happy Desk). It is an autonomous coworking option that extends beyond the management of tennants. For example, it offers gate access, wireless internet, and network control systems in relation to accounting and CRM, which is the responsibility of many competitors. It is built into a marketplace to assist you to complete your desks and workspaces.

5. Cobot

Cobot was created by a group which runs its own coworking space, in order to automate boring, daily duties and easily support other rooms. In addition to automatic accounting, invoicing and space reservation, Cobot also promotes space across the globe - from smaller community hubs to big, multi-location company centers and networks. Cobot also offers free and personalized assistance from a global team of experienced coworking groups.