Let's take a look at five marketing automation tools, and outline what they are capable of doing for your company.

1.Active Campaign

This is a popular software program, primarily used for email marketing. It has deep integrations with many other tools such as analytics, sales, and accounting. One of the best things about Active Campaign is that it excels at sending the right email at the right time, to every single person on your list. You can even use if/then logic, and have an email campaign specifically based on the action that people are taking both on your site, and in your emails.

2. iContact Pro

This tool mixes e-mail marketing with surveillance for social media. The interface is easy and provides sophisticated segmentation, personal advertising, and monitoring of your social networks. The software can be very helpful if you have a high profile in social media.

3. Wishpond

A landing page publisher is available in this marketing automation technology that makes portable ready-for-use applications easy. It also includes analysis and the capacity to conduct exciting competitions on social media. Wishpond is something you should check into if you have a brand that benefits from competition.

4. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is an enormous program that can do virtually anything you like. Infusionsoft may be too much if you are an individual or a very small business. However, Infusionsoft offers some truly exciting characteristics such as internet sales with embedded purchase formats, sophisticated marketing pipelines, and data storage loads.

5. AWeber

You may have lived under a rock in recent years if you haven't learned about AWeber. AWeber is proud to be user-friendly and they also provide excellent customer support. This system includes e-mail automation, tagging and segmentation, and monitors everything, integrating into a single fluid interface. For beginners as well as for sophisticated customers, this is a excellent choice.

Marketing automation can save you tons of time, but it takes more time to configure and optimize your business. A continuous stream of fresh paths is required to create its function.

Moving your company forward can obviously be very rewarding. Establishing marketing automation in your company is one of the greatest steps you can take to ensure success and productivity.