It's only normal to worry about the safety of your office. One of the greatest ways to increase safety, is for your visitors to sign appropriate legal agreements, ensuring that liability is covered.

What kind of legal contracts can help? Here are 5 of our favorites:

1.Non-Disclosure Agreements

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), also known as "confidentiality arrangement," preserves private data for your enterprise. An NDA is helpful when you want to discuss information with others but don't want that information shared.

Here are a few instances of how an NDA can be used:

  • Data sharing with a prospective company associate or supplier
  • Pitching a new product or technology to investors
  • Enabling staff to obtain delicate data they need to do their work

2. Non-Competence Agreement

Non-competence safeguards you against being robbed of your ideas. You may invite fresh staff to be included in a non-competitive contract, that states for the first year after leaving the company, they will not work for direct competitors. Or, you can have a non-competence agreement to say that they will not operate for your largest seller, too.

3. Waivers Of Responsibility

You have likely submitted a liability waiver, as well as a liability discharge. This arrangement prevents an enterprise from being kept liable if someone is wounded while performing such an exercise. Please note that waivers of liability do notget you off the hook for security reasons. Additionally, not every country similarly enforces them. So please be ready to contact a legal specialist in your state before you apply a liability waiver.

4. Agreements On Safety

Some safety laws may apply to everybody in your workplace. For instance, visitors on a construction site must carry hard hats and shoes while on-site. Visitors to an office should be aware of safety rules, as well as what happens in certain circumstances, such as blackouts. Visitors recognize their understanding of these regulations, and comply with them by signing a safety contract.

5. Membership Agreements

Fitness centers, cigar clubs, business associations — these are just a few examples of organizations that are open to members only. A membership agreement lays out what the organization provides to members and what it expects in return.