How do you make your workspace feel larger?

This is a common question for small startups who want to design an impressive and spacious workspace. Listed below are some tips for making your own small office feel more spacious:

Add a mirror – the larger the better

Large mirrors in the office give the feeling of a double the working space. It also makes employees feel more comfortable and convenient while they are working.

Adding a few large sized objects

Some large sized items such as lamps, desks, sofas, and filing cabinets are great additions to any office. All large-scale office furniture can help employees work effectively as they will feel more comfortable and less stressed.

Consider color palletes

Usually, an office that combines classic black and white, or light blue, will simplify the feeling of the room. In addition to recognizing the color system, the designer can concentrate more on the scale of the furniture in the office, as well as pay more attention to presentation and arrangement of office furniture, in order to be more suitable with the chosen colors.